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Lithia Spring Water Co

Fountain of Youth Tours August 2023      

Georgia's Fountain of Youth Austell, Georgia, 30168


Telephone Number:  (678) 465-8486


Entrance to the Giant Smiling Turtle Pyramid
Lithia Springs has been a sacred ancient American healing spring for thousands of years. The ancient archaeological wonders that have been unearthed at Lithia Springs tell an amazing story of a healing water that has been cherished since time untold. For eons, a giant smiling turtle guardian has beaconed health seekers to come drink Lithia Spring Water to live long, happy and healthy. The turtle is regarded as the symbol of long life and health.
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Ancient Fountain of Youth Longevity
The ruins of an ancient fountain and Spanish writings carved into giant granite boulders tell an amazing story. Lithia Springs may indeed be Ponce de Leon's lost fountain of Youth. In 2011 researchers at the University of Jena, Germany published their research entitled "Low-dose lithium uptake promotes longevity in humans". Locals have always believed Lithia Spring Water flows from the fountain of youth, earth's gift of longevity.
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Private Shamanic Lithia Springs Tours Soon
Be the first to Explore one of the great lost 8th wonders of the world! Recent archaeological excavations at the site of Lithia Springs have unearthed a shamanic megalithic step pyramid that we call, the smiling Turtle pyramid. Giant animal effigies carved from solid granite and ancient pictographic writings await your discovery. Perhaps the ancients have a message that has traversed a thousand lifetimes waits for you. Private Tours begin late spring.
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